Elba Haxel

Elba Haxel

Elba Haxel is a visual artist specialized in art direction, photography and video.

In her artistic practice she reflects on "the uninhabitable" through concepts such as identity and the relationship between space –real and imagined– generating dialogues around memory, time and the materiality of the image to give rise to existential displacements that operate from fragility as a form of resistance. Fiction is the red thread at the center of her creation.

Elba Haxel

Finalist International Photography Contest in audiovisualformat, Festival La Nuu SCREEN
2021, Rubí

Selected Work CirculArt Plastic Arts Contest.
2021, Madrid

ArtPhoto Bcn + EFTI scholarship award
2021. Barcelona

BAFFEST Photographer Contest Finalist
2021. Barakaldo

Roberto Villagraz Scholarship Finalist
2021. Escuela EFTI, Madrid

IX Vila de Sant Joan Photography Contest Award
2021. Photoalicante Festival

Selected viewings Art Photo Bcn 2021
2021. Madrid

Selected viewings How to Be a Photographer
2021. Cultural center of Spain in Lima

Finalist III Emerging Artists Young Creation Contest
2021. Loyola University of Andalusia

Solo exhibition
ZAWP (Zorrotzaurre Art Work in Progress), Bilbao

Selected for the collective annual publication of the“Antihero” call.
2021. FK-Kollektiv Gallery. Berlin, Alemania.

Collective exhibition "Reaction Madrid".
Audiovisual piece selected to be projected on the screensof Plaza de Callao and Centro Cultural Conde Duque. 2021. Madrid

Production Grant and Artistic Residency Award
2020. Call "Birus Bekak" of La Caixa Social WorkFoundation.

Selected Discoveries PHotoESPAÑA 2021
2020. PHotoESPAÑA Santander

Collective exhibition
2020. XXXI Art Award Santa Isabel de Aragón, Queen ofPortugal, Zaragoza

Scholarship Award "Master in Author Photography"
2020. Contemporary Photography Center, Bilbao

PhotoFuniber Award
2020. Iberoamerican University Foundation

Map Scholarship Finalist. "Master in Project Creation"
2020. Lens School of Visual Arts, Madrid

Collective exhibition at FIEBRE PHOTOBOOK.
2019. Sala el Águila, Madrid

Collective exhibition PHZINE, desktop publishing andemerging photography.
2019. Design Center, Madrid

Collective exhibition
2017. Festival of Visual Arts "Solart Sonique", Zaragoza


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